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What is the average weight loss on the New Direction® Meal Replacement Program?

Males average a loss of 5lbs per week. Females average a loss of 3lbs per week. 

The first month will exceed averages.

I travel extensively. Can I still participate in the meal replacement program?

This is a medically monitored program that requires weekly check-ins and monthly physician visits.However, we do work individually with our patients to help the program fit into hectic lives. If you travel frequently, vacation, or commute to our clinic, an alternate to the weekly check-in can be established. To ensure your safety, monthly physician appointments are mandatory.

Do the meal replacements contain gluten?

The New Direction® Meal Replacements are gluten free.Product ingredient lists are available.

What is the difference between the original line and natural line meal replacements?

The natural line is sweetened with Stevia and/or Monk Fruit and contains only natural colors and flavors.The original line is sweetened with Aspartame and/or Sucralose and contains natural and artificial colors and flavors. We carry 18 different flavors, and most are offered in both lines.

Will lab work be required prior to starting the meal replacement weight loss program?

Yes, lab work is required initially and every 4-12 weeks while in the Reducing phase (active weight loss) of the program, depending on the treatment plan established during your first physician’s appointment. 

How do I get started on the meal replacement program?

When you first call, we will schedule two appointments. The first appointment lasts about 30 minutes and will be for fasting lab work, an EKG, and a body composition analysis. At the second appointment you will see Dr. Smith to review lab results, address your questions, and order your first week of meal replacements. You can then begin the program as soon as you desire to do so.

What does it mean to be fasting before lab work?

Nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to the appointment, except for plain water.  Black coffee is acceptable prior to as well.  Arrive to your appointment adequately hydrated.

Do I have to participate in the meal replacement program in order to see the physician?

No.  Dr. Smith specializes in hormone replacement therapy and sees patients for many weight-related reasons, including treatment of thyroid conditions. The meal replacement program is just one of the weight management options available to you.

Do you need lab before the first hormone replacement appointment?

Blood work is required before the first treatment, although you are welcome to come in for a consult before the lab tests. The easiest and most common option is to have fasting labs completed at least one week before your appointment; Dr. Smith can then discuss the results and start treatment during your first office visit. Labs can be completed at our office or lab orders can be given to you to be drawn at the laboratory of your choice.

How long do the bioidentical pellets last?

This varies person to person, depending on your activity level, stress level, and metabolism.
Typically pellets last 4-6 months for men and 3-4 months for women.

What is the post procedure downtime for pellets?

You can resume normal activities immediately but should avoid squat exercises, tub baths, and swimming for 7 days.

How long until pellets take effect?

Typically, it takes 8-10 days.

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